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The Importance of History Lessons in Schools

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History has so many important reasons to be taught in schools and covers a wide range of popular moments in time. It provides a window into the world for many students and is arguably one of the most important subjects during a child’s school life. It is why private primary schools in Oxford will recommend to parents that they explore history with their child from an early age.

To understand the importance of history lessons in schools, here are some key things to remember.

Helps your child understand more of the world

When we are young and inexperienced about the many elements of the world we only know what’s in front of us and what is to come. In history lessons, we can see a world away from what we know. A lot of key moments in history happen far far away from where we’re based and it can be something your child will appreciate when it comes to not only geography, but developing a worldview.

A lot of ideology development, how conflicts have risen, how technology has advanced and the rise of the world’s biggest geniuses entering society are from all across the planet. Children learn a lot about how many countries have contributed to the advancement of the human race, based on the lessons of the past.

Teaches your child about the biggest lessons of life

A lot of life lessons come from history. Your child will learn a lot about past conflicts, how politics has played a huge part in some of the world’s biggest decisions, and the consequences of many people’s actions. They are regularly referred to in history lessons as they are noted to be very key moments from the past – they teach children about what has worked and what hasn’t.

A lot of the lessons of the past have changed our attitudes towards society as a result. Students have the chance to learn more about how these moments in history have changed us. For example, the Second World War can show what could happen when prejudice and hate wins. It’s a moment in history that ultimately changed the world.

Teaches your child how to debate

A lot of opinions and theories fly around in a history lesson. Students have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about how a moment in history unfolded very often in a lesson.

For example, the Prohibition era is a common topic of history mentioned in lessons, where students have the opportunity to think about whether it was a good idea or not. On the one hand, students will think it was a good measure to introduce in an effort to reduce alcohol-related incidents and corruption. On the flip side, it paved the way for illegal bars, further corruption, bootlegging and a development of the black market.

Students have the chance to think about impacts such as these. They have a chance to express their own opinion and discuss it among their peers, and it could also come up as an essay question in future homework assignments.

There’s so much to discover from regular history lessons. Allow your child to explore this vast subject from a young age to help them with their understanding of the world, how they can learn from past mistakes, and much more. Have a look at what interests your child in the world of history and see for yourself.

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