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The Advantages of Choosing Sixth Form Education

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In choosing a good Sixth Form college or a school that focuses on A Level education comes the added benefits it will have on your child. Many of these advantages will pave the way for your child to improve on what they have learnt from their GCSEs, as well as giving them the tools to progress well into university. Here are some of the advantages to choosing a Sixth Form education.

Greater choice of academic subjects

When your child has finished the main bulk of their studies, through the GCSE era, they will now have the opportunity to explore new subjects or develop on the ones they have the most interest in. In Sixth Form the subjects do tend to vary further, but it doesn’t mean your child can’t study them. For students looking for flexibility in their studies it may be the best route for them.

Tailored teaching

Teachers will be specialising in A Level study from here on out. Your child will also be in a smaller classroom, where a lot more attention can be focused on their progress. A teacher can sit down with students and work out how best to support them with their studies, and will give students a lot more one-on-one time. Personalised, attentive teaching ensures that students are happy, progressing nicely and are able to follow the new curriculum requirements with ease.

Better preparation for University

While it may depend on what your child’s future aspirations are, a big benefit to them will be the opportunity to apply for universities, talk to the experts and have a clear plan of action.

Most sixth form colleges, including this Sixth Form college in Hertfordshire, will give students the opportunity to communicate with the experts. Many colleges or schools will have teachers or counsellors that can explore with students individually on how to apply for certain universities. The UCAS process will also be explained to them, as well as how to apply, what each course is worth in terms of points, and preparing a personal statement.

Better opportunities for students

Many schools or colleges will offer resits of exams, explore Foundation courses, or even allow students to develop new skills in preparation for University life. However, some schools will have a more selective process when it comes to enrolling new students, which can put them in a different league to other Sixth Form Colleges. It’s all about what your child can handle, what they want to get out of Sixth Form study and also what they would like to learn more about when they come to choosing a university course.

A more relaxed environment

Sixth Form feels a lot different from GCSE study. You are surrounded by students that want to achieve the same goals as you; you are all focusing on just 3 – 4 subjects instead of 10 – 12 of them (or possibly more). Less students in Year 12 and Year 13 also means you have more time for study, conversations with teachers and other like minded students. In a lot of ways it will feel like a more relaxed version of school, where students have to take on more responsibility to ensure they are on track. While the onus is on students, it allows them to be more independent, capable of carving their own futures.

So a Sixth Form college has a lot of benefits and importance to children. If they know what their end goal is, they will find the opportunities to excel, and an A Level college environment might be perfect. But this will of course vary for each child – explore what your child wants to get out of their studies and how you can help them first.

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