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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a School for Your Child

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Whether you want to pick an all girls school in London, or a co-educational school in London, or a boarding school, it’s worth doing the research well in advance. Having a good understanding of what school your child will be going to also reassures you that you have made the right choice. If you are able to explore private schools as well as public schools then you have a larger pool of options, but it’s not always an option for parents. It’s worth weighing up the choices you do have and what can realistically work.

There’s a lot of considerations, and they will all influence your final decisions. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the right school.

  1. Location

It’s going to be one of the essential things you consider when picking the ideal school for your child. If you don’t have a car for instance then walking to school might be the more sensible option. Similarly if your child can reach public transport then you could explore new schools that are not too far away by bus or train.

Commuting to school and getting in on time is going to be high on your list of requirements. In getting your child to school on time and with minimal fuss you are alleviating a lot of pressure on both of you. In terms of cost-effectiveness as well, spending a lot of money getting your child to school (whether that is bus fare, train fare, or fuel) then it could be something you have to think about.

  1. School subjects

Each school will have their own subjects that they want to deliver to students. When you research schools in your local area, take a look at the subjects they offer and want to support students in doing so on a regular basis. There may be some subjects that you have seen your child take a shine to, or some areas of their studies that you believe could be improved.

Similarly there could be areas where your child can explore these subjects as key passions. It helps your child learn to find that they are capable of greatness and your child’s school should help them with that. Scholarships, after school clubs and further tuition could be an option for your child.

  1. Exam results

Another area to consider is the potential for your child to pass exams with flying colours. You want to see your child do well, of course, and your child’s school should be giving your child the resources and help to get them achieving so highly. If there is a clear lack of resources you will often see this in the exam results posted annually by schools. Pay particular attention to whether these exam results have improved or worsened over the years, as that is a sign that something has changed.

  1. Ask around for honest reviews

While your overall view of the school might already be positive, additional reviews from real people can help solidify your reasoning. Have a look at testimonials online from parents that have taken their child to a particular school, or even have a chat with parents in your local area. Having a fully rounded view of what a school is like can help you drill down which school could ultimately be the perfect choice for your child.

  1. Your child’s particular needs

There are of course a child’s needs to consider in a school. If your child has special educational needs, for example, their school should be helping them in all aspects of their studies. These particular needs can also be quite advanced for some schools. This is why a private school or a SEN school might be a better option for your child. Nonetheless it is still a high priority consideration for many parents to ensure children are safe in their new learning environment.

What is important to consider, above all else, is the fact your child should be happy in school. Trust your gut, and see what your child prefers as well when you go on those open days and school experiences.

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