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Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

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A new language is a new frontier for children. Some children have to learn a language because their family speaks more than one language, and some children develop a fond interest in languages. Either way, learning a new language has a wealth of benefits for children and can unlock new skills as well.

If you want to help your child learn a new language easier, here are some top tips you can use.

Learn the language together

If you are able to work out a good time to learn together then it could be a good approach to consider. If you are both picking up a language then you can bounce ideas off each other to see where improvements can be made. Talk in the language you are learning, or pick up books to read together. At the end of every session you can find ways to improve on what you have learnt – see what your child picked up that you haven’t managed to pick up, and give them pointers from new things you have learnt.

Include plenty of reading material in the home

Reading lots of books in general develops a child’s overall language skills, so the next natural step is to encourage your child to pick up story books that will challenge them in the new language they’re learning.

There are plenty of children’s books out there in different languages and will be suited to each level of expertise. It doesn’t matter if your child has to start from the beginning with books designed for much younger kids if it actually helps them with their development.

Explore other areas of media

From singing songs together from a film or a common nursery rhyme to watching TV programmes in different languages, playing games or using apps – there is something for everyone. If your child wants to enhance their skills even further, having a look at lots of new approaches to learning can help them feel more comfortable with their skills.

Any kind of learning should not be limited to just reading a book and listening to the teacher, it’s also about helping your child find their unique learning style. When it comes to learning a completely new language everything should be on the table if it helps your child progress.

Use daily activities to improve a child’s language skills

There are plenty of activities you can implement in daily life that can incorporate what they’ve been learning in language lessons. For instance, you could ask your child to do some chores, but explain them in French instead. This gets your child thinking about new words they can pick up through everyday objects they use.

When you are out and about you could also point to different objects and ask them what they mean in the other language they are learning. Keep your child on their toes and test them at random intervals so that they strengthen their memory skills, too.

There are many ways you can help your child learn a new language, and a lot of ways that can see them developing a lot of core skills. Explore them often with your child, and see if your child’s school can help you along the way as well. Many schools, like this Prep School in Surrey, can open the door to new opportunities for your child and their enjoyment of picking up a new language.

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