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How to Make Maths More Fun for Your Child

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Whether they love it or hate it, maths is a compulsory subject that your child will need to learn at school. Maths ability is something that’s needed in day-to-day life, from going to buy groceries, to telling the time so the practice can only be beneficial. However, understandably it can be difficult to get their head around as it involves a different kind of logic. If you’re looking to help your child in this area, we recommend looking for ways to make maths fun and understandable. Below is some advice from a girls’ prep school to help.

Your Attitude Towards Maths

What you should also consider is your relationship with the subject. If you’re unwilling to engage in maths and complain about how difficult it is, your child will likely develop a similar attitude.

See Whether Your Child is Struggling

If your child’s not enjoying the subject, think about why that might be. Are there particular areas that they are struggling on that you can help with? Or is it the case of maths anxiety? Either way, working through maths problems at home can help with both their ability and their confidence by showing them that they are nothing to be afraid of.

The Maths Resources Available 

In today’s world parents have a plethora of tools and resources at their disposal for teaching and helping children with their studies. If you are looking to do home learning, there’s guidance on how lessons can be delivered, resources children can have a go at and interactive online games that can make learning maths fun.

Make Up Your Own Games

You can also make up games of your own and test one another which can help them improve their mental maths and problem-solving skills.

Use Treats

When teaching children maths, counters can often help as they allow children to visualise their problems and work them out right in front of them. To make things more interesting, you can use sweet treats.

Think of Good Examples

Also using everyday examples can help maths appear less confusing and easier to understand. There are lots of examples all around us and to make a point, you can highlight those that you see around you in real life.

A Reward System

Rewards are also good to put in place to remind children that they are doing a good job and to encourage them to work hard. For the rewards, look for something that will actually motivate your child and that will be easy for you to keep a tab of.

Maths Songs

Another thing you can do is look for catchy songs or rhymes that help with remembering areas of maths such as their times tables. Children love to sing along and it can make it much easier for them to take on board what you are trying to teach.

These are just a few methods you can explore but of course, you should consider your child’s individual needs, such as how they learn best and what you think they will enjoy most.

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