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The Benefits of School Trips for Children

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Children all have preferred ways of learning, or a learning style as it’s called, so it’s vital that teachers differentiate how lessons are delivered. School trips are a great way to accommodate a range of learning needs as children can learn about topics first hand, gain insights from experts, visually take in their surroundings and learn from what they see. We’ve teamed up with a private school in London to learn more about the benefits of school trips for children and this is what we’ve learned.

Topics Feel New and Exciting

Field trips can make topics appear new, exciting and help improve a child’s overall engagement and motivation to learn.

Where Their Education Can Take Them

While they’ve probably heard it a dozen times before, education is the key to success and getting to where they want to be in life. Field trips show children what’s possible when they work hard and the different careers their subjects can lead to.

Peer and Teacher Relationships

For peer groups and their teachers, it almost serves as a bonding opportunity as there’s no rigid lesson plan, and they have the chance to explore and complete activities together.

Remembering Information

The chance to experience topics they have been learning about in class is great for those with a kinaesthetic learning style as they learn through hands-on experiences and the chance to apply themselves.

Independence and Confidence

Also, there’s the social benefit of being able to go out, meet new people, and develop social skills. While they can do so at school children are surrounded by the same familiar faces, whereas out in the real world they must learn to interact with those they don’t know and step outside of their comfort zone.

How to Behave in Public

To follow from this point, children also have the responsibility to represent their school in a good light which can make them more conscious of their surroundings and teach them to behave well in public.

How to Get Around

To get around your child may take public transport such as a train, bus or designated coach which can give them an idea of how to get around.

Wider World Perspective 

It’s vital that children have an open mind and know that there are different ways of doing things. Trips take place outside of a child’s local community and allow them to broaden their horizons, learn about the world, and be introduced to new ideas and perspectives.

Memories to Look Back On

Also, it’s nice for children to be able to look back on their childhood and school years with experiences like school trips they’ve been on and memories they have made with their peers.

Overall, it’s great for children to be able to get out and explore. It gives children the opportunity to gain a wealth of new experiences and learn beyond what they can from textbooks. Outside of school, there’s no reason as to why you can’t go on trips as a family. It will further their learning and allow you the opportunity to create memories together as a family.

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