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Types of Attorneys: Finding the Right Legal Help for Your Needs

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It is often challenging to know what type of lawyer can best suit your needs, given the fact that there are so many types of lawyers in the legal field today. As there are so many branches within this profession, awareness of the jobs of different lawyers will assist you in hiring a lawyer when you have a court case to handle. This paper is aimed at focusing on several types of attorneys and the situations where their services are necessary.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense lawyers practice in the area of circuit that involves representing clients or parties accused of criminal activities. Regardless of the nature of the case, whether it is a petty offense or a grand offense, such attorneys make it their responsibility to make sure that, whoever their client is, they get a fair trial and that the best defense is offered. These include cases about DUI, theft, assault, and drug cases among other related issues.

Traffic Attorneys

These can be traffic offenses that are minor in nature as well as traffic offenses that are severe enough that they attract heavy fines, and license cancellation among others, or even lead to incarceration. There is a lawyer who is trained and skilled in dealing with such matters which is referred to as a traffic attorney. They can help drivers with speeding ticket cases, reckless driving charges, and other moving violation issues so that clients with traffic charges avoid extra consequences in the traffic court.

Family Law Attorneys

These statutes apply to the representation of people in their family matters which are managed by family law attorneys. These are family matters which are; divorce, custody, adoption, and matters related to domestic violence. They assist during high-stakes cases and trials to ensure that their clients are protected especially when emotional issues come into play.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Matters concerning finance can be stressful and declaring bankruptcy can be a daunting process however there are bankruptcy attorneys who help in this process. A bankruptcy attorney educates clients on choices available to them depending on their situation and guides them in the legal procedures comprising Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13, in debt rebuilding, settling with the creditors, and finding a legal way out of the dilemma.

Employment Attorneys

The term ‘employment attorneys’ applies to professionals who focus on issues affecting the workplace. This is on matters of employees’ rights within their places of work, including unfair dismissal, discrimination at work, harassment, and equal pay claims. Employees stick up for employees and force compliance with the labor laws, an invaluable asset in handling employee and employer disputes.

Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate lawyers deal in property matters as well as legal concerns such as buying or selling property, compliance with zoning laws, and legal battles between individuals or groups over property. Whether you are seeking property purchase or are a home buyer, a commercial tenant, or experiencing a real estate dispute, these attorneys provide critical help in sorting through the legalities involved in property law.

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